Monday, January 2, 2012

Writing is an Unhealthy Endeavor

I was thinking during my morning exercise about the importance of balance...and how the process of writing can pull you out of that.

Then, when I got to the computer, I read this.

Which just reinforced my thinking: Writers are sedentary creatures. Or can be, if we're not careful.  I know I've gone through stages during the 10+ years I've been seriously writing where too much sitting, not enough time, and too many cappuccinos led to unwanted baggage around the middle.

Three strategies I use to avoid the Writer's Hunchback:

1) I often write in a reclined position.  Since I like to write (and edit) with a paper & pen instead of at the computer, I'm free to adopt whatever posture I choose. Many times, I choose to write in a reclined position, so my back isn't curved forward over a keyboard. If you can sit at a keyboard and maintain healthy posture, you deserve an A+!  But many people find that difficult.

2) I get outside every chance I get.  I love hiking, and just being outdoors. So when I'm not writing, I get up and moving...outside if possible. While I'm at it, I may eat a few bacteria for good measure.

3) I love my kettlebell!  If you're not familiar, a kettlebell is like a cannon ball with a handle, and it's a fantastic workout tool. With just this one piece of equipment, (plus other basic body-weight exercises) I can get a complete workout that tones and strengthens the entire body. The kettlebell provides cardio, strength, flexibility and balance training. And it does this with very little space required, no need to go to an expensive or inconvenient gym, and with minimal time requirements.

In 20 minutes, I can start my day with exercise just as vigorous (or gentle) as I want it to be.

Check it out:

Kettlebell demo 

And one for the ladies:

Kettlebell demo (female) 

Exercise is healthy for your body & your brain....and necessary to balance all that "Seat-of-the-Pants" time. What are your favorite ways of breaking out of the Sedentary Writer rut?