Primary Source

This time, she's found a nightmare...

Malorie DeMarco, a fourth-generation Italian-American from St. Louis Missouri, is a contract concierge. Professionally, she is an expert at tracking down anything her clients desire. Personally, she has never found love.

When a promising blind date turns into a disaster, Malorie's research skills become the key to unraveling the mystery behind a covert government project. It is a journey that takes her from Ohio to New Jersey to the mountains of Appalachia, and back in history through the life and secrets of William McKinley, a devout Christian and our 25th President.

The spiritual battle she uncovers has been raging for over a hundred years.

Some want the Primary Source exposed.

Some want it shrouded forever.

Primary Source is part historical mystery, part supernatural suspense.

Due for release, summer 2012 by Written World Communications