Saturday, April 14, 2012

Confessions of a Commenter

Can I just say it?

I enjoy commenting on other people's blogs more than I enjoy posting on my own.

I'm pretty sure that's a politically incorrect statement, like admitting that you're not really into Thomas Kinkade paintings, but it's honest, nevertheless.

Here are a few reasons why it's true:

1) I like my commenting "voice." When I respond to an ongoing discussion on someone's blog, my words usually sound like me. Like I was sitting in a room with one or two people, having a thoughtful interchange.  When I write a blog post, it usually sounds like someone I don't know. Occasionally I have achieved a post that sounds natural, but this hasn't happened often during the time frame I've experimented with blogging.

2) Good posts deserve comments.  People with far more blogging talent than I are out there spending the time and effort to put their thoughts into eloquent words. When I read a well-written post, I feel compelled to give that person an "attaboy" or "attagirl" and show appreciation for their work. No one wants to post their best thoughts, and hear "crickets" in I enjoy making some bloggers day by responding.

3) I hate the forced nature of good blog writing.  I get the fact that it's important to blog regularly if you want to attract and retain an audience. I just can't do it (no surprise, if you check the archives). I'm more of a "When I have something to say, I'll say it" person. Which leads me to...

4) I love commenting because there's no set schedule. I have a handful of blogs that I visit fairly regularly (usually 3 or 4 times a week). If there's a lively discussion going on about a topic I care something about, I'll toss in my two cents.  But if the current topics don't catch my interest, or if someone else has already said what I would have said, then I stay silent.

5) I'm very critical of my own blog ideas.  One of my pet peeves is the repetitive nature of blog topics. It's a rare blogger that has the gift for writing engaging and fresh content. A large percentage of what clogs up the blog-waves is rehashed and rewarmed. And I tend to draft a post, look at it critically, and go: meh.   So I don't post it.

God bless the talented bloggers! Look for me in the comment section...

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