Friday, November 23, 2012

We Dit It!

Saturday, November 17th we celebrated the release of Primary Source at the Marrowbone Public Library.

Written World Communications editor Rowena Kuo and her wonderful family traveled down from Chicago to be with us, as we greeted 52 people, enjoyed the refreshments, and laughed together.

Ro's youngest daughter, Evie took time to peruse the work of competing authors:

Meanwhile, I signed copies of mine:

During the festivities, Lesa told me the story of going to the store to pick up the decorated cake she ordered. The bakery handed it to her, she glanced at it, and took it to the checkout line. While waiting to pay, she decided to check it more thoroughly, and lifted the box lid. The cake read:

Congratulations, Alan. You Dit It!

Back to the bakery for a quick fix...Even with baked goods, there's always editing to do!

It was a great celebration with family & friends...and a time to acknowledge that I didn't do it alone. Rowena and the team at Written World Communications, my family, and supporters all made it possible:

We Dit It!

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