Wednesday, November 23, 2011

One Man's "Meh..."

My daughter recently completed an art project for her class at junior college.

It's a black wire sculpture, full of twists and loops and spirals; looks something like a demented bird cage from a steampunk novel.

I genuinely loved it, and told her so. (For the record, I'm also honest with her when something she creates doesn't "reach" me)

Next day, she "tested the work out" with her teacher before officially turning it in.  Teacher let her know in no uncertain terms that she found it inferior.

So Daughter is discouraged & back to the drawing board, and I have a new decoration for my office.

I'm sorry for her, but that's the nature of art...any art.  And it's a good reminder for me, as I inch closer to publishing my first novel.

I can take any story I've ever loved, and go to Amazon and find 1-star reviews from people who hated it.  Vice versa, as well.

Any novel, any painting, any song is just a Projection test... a person's reaction tells you far more about the person than it does about the creation.


  1. I love that last statement! Our reactions to art and writing, movies, etc., really do say a lot about *us*.

  2. It's a truth I become more and more convinced of all the time. Glad you stopped by, Kat...thanks for commenting!